Balancing People, Planet & Profit

In 2011, as a result of Wolwedans' efforts over the last decade, it was chosen as a founding member of the Global Ecosphere Retreats, an initiative spearheaded by the Zeitz Foundation. The Zeitz Foundation aims to transform all that we do into ways and means to move this world forward in a sustainable manner. It is inspired by a vision of the Ecosphere – our planet and all of its life-sustaining regions – maintained in the healthiest possible state. Global Ecosphere Retreats are committed to promoting an inclusive, holistic paradigm of conservation that enhances livelihoods and fosters intercultural dialogue. 

Wolwedans officially became a Long Run Destination, Global Ecosphere Retreat® certified, on 17 November 2011 as a result of the work described within this executive summary. The Long Run Initiative is the flagship programme of the Zeitz Foundation. Being certified means that we are leaders in sustainable development and that we work on sustainable, mostly tourism-driven enterprises, whilst fostering community development, conservation support and cultural stewardship. Being Global Ecosphere Retreat® (GER) certified shows that we are not only committed to sustainability, but effectively demonstrate that our resources are sustainably managed.  

Wolwedans has adopted the 4C's (Commerce, Conservation, Community, Culture) sustainability platform, developed by the Zeitz Foundation, molding our efforts into a comprehensive strategy. This strategy provides Wolwedans with a pertinent framework allowing us to effectively manage and monitor our progress towards our sustainability goals.