Welcome to NICE

The Namibian Institute of Culinary Education(nice) is a chef finishing and training school for chefs, which runs a commercial restaurant in the heart of Windhoek and has established itself as a popular destination of culinary excellence.

The purpose of nice is to produce excellent and professional chefs for he high end of the Namibian Tourism market exposed to food preparation and food & beverage management. In order to give trainees a real life exposure to their profession, the upmarket restaurant is intended to be the driving force behind the training facility.

The restaurant  is also envisaged to become the main funding body of the training facility, hence making the whole project self-sustainable in the medium to long-term.

Currently the Wolwedans Desert Academy(DA), works together with nice on a joint training program, exposing trainees to both lodge and city based hospitality and restaurant operations. The institutions have a good balance of the theoretical and practical exposure to ensure that all graduates are ‘employment ready’ at the end of the program of their choice.