The Restaurant

The menus at nice restaurant and bar are inspired by classic international cuisine. when in season, we like to bring in local specialties and thereby add a dash of Namibian flavour to the menu. Our chefs are brought up to use only the freshest local produce, utilizing the dew fresh herbs and lettuces from our very own organic gardens - which can be visited at the back of the restaurant!

Our new Executive Chef, together with his team of skilled and dynamic young chefs in training  have combined their culinary expertise in devising menus that present our guests with the nice trademark offering: excellent cuisine for affordable prices. As we are a training facility aiming to equip young local chefs to launch into the Namibian hospitality industry, we also do ‘on the job’ training during the working hours of the restaurant.

The restaurant facilities encompass a selection of private dining rooms, stylish lounges and courtyards. The nice restaurant has the capacity of 150 seats in total, whereby guests are invited to spread out over the generous dimensions of the property. In summer up to fifty guests can be accommodated outside. Each dining room has its own character inviting a diversity of experience and promoting repeat visits.